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Cornerstone Investment Partners

Welcome to Cornerstone Investment Partners.  Cornerstone is an employee-owned  registered investment advisor based in Atlanta, Georgia.  Through this site, you will become acquainted with the many differentiating aspects of Cornerstone.

First:  Cornerstone exists for our clients, and we are uniquely focused on managing portfolios for them. Through careful business planning we have largely eliminated distractions from our daily work that has allowed us to spend most of our time and energy on investing. In every decision we make, the client comes first.  We believe Cornerstone will only do as well as our clients, and in fact, we are invested alongside our clients.

Second: Cornerstone focuses on what we do best, picking stocks.  Our investment process is based on the philosophy that stock prices move more than the underlying fundamentals that determine value.  Over time, we believe this philosophy and process will offer us a very good probability of providing consistent and predictable returns for our clients.

Third: Cornerstone uses an investment valuation model, which is based on sound financial theory and has strong statistical merit, to identify stocks we believe are undervalued. More than 20 years of experience with this model, including some of the most stressful times since the 1930’s, have led us to focus our rigorous fundamental work on the most attractive stocks identified by this model. Through the resulting portfolio, we strive to outperform the benchmark while undertaking less downside risk.


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